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Our History
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our history

Original JiggershopThe Jigger Shop has been a part of Mt. Gretna tradition ever since those beginning days at the turn of the century.

It has changed hands six times since its founding. The present owners, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Allwein, have owned it since 1963, and under their guidance it has been brought back to the popularity it was reputed for in the first half of the century. Since 1994, their son, Drew, his wife, Linda, and granddaughter, Maddy joined the business to carry on the tradition.  The Jigger Shop has since become incorporated. 

Its popularity is certainly a credit to the concocting ability of its originator. Following the handed down formulation, we continue to produce the Jigger in its original concept. We sold thousands of Jiggers last summer. Although its serving container has been changed several times over the years, the quality of its ingredients has remained. The art of producing soda fountain concoctions is fast becoming obsolete in our pre-packaged society.

Jigger ShopThe Jigger Shop takes pride in continuing the time honored soda fountain traditions. The quality of our ice cream and syrups is the best that can be purchased. We believe that a trip to The Jigger Shop is a treat for our customers, therefore we try to give portions that are treat size and do not cut quantity to get around inflationary costs. Our thinking is that the pleasant remembrances of your visit to The Jigger Shop will be based on quality, quantity and atmosphere.

We look forward to talking with you; perhaps you might have an idea for a fountain specialty or perhaps you might be able to add to our knowledge of the historicity of The Jigger Shop. In any event, we hope you enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy serving you.

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